Software Installation Basics for Intel® Wireless Adapters

Last Reviewed: 02-Aug-2017
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What downloads are available for Intel® Wireless Adapters?

Two kinds of downloads are available on the Download Center for Intel® Wireless Adapters:

  • Software package
    If you want Intel® PROSet to manage the wireless client, the download package includes:
    • Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software
    • Wireless adapter drivers
  • Drivers only
    If you want the Microsoft* operating system to manage the wireless client, downloads include:
    • Wireless adapter drivers

When you update the Intel® PROSet software package, it might not automatically update the wireless adapter driver. Updates, patches, or fixes in a new software release may only apply to Intel® PROSet software, or to Intel® Wireless Adapters.

What's the difference between OEM-supplied and Intel® Software?

We recommend that you use the latest software provided by your laptop manufacturer to help resolve issues. Your computer manufacturer can customize drivers and software to:

  • Enable features
  • Alter features
  • Provide improved operation on your computer

Contact the manufacturer for the latest updates and technical support information.

What are options for downloading Intel® Wireless Drivers and other software?

  1. Automatically detect and update your drivers and software with the Intel® Driver Update Utility.
  2. Manually identify your Intel® Wireless Adapter and driver version number. Then download the latest driver for your Intel® Wireless Adapter.
  3. Download Linux* drivers for Intel® PRO/Wireless Products.

Once downloaded, how do I install drivers and software?

To manually install your drivers or Intel® PROSet/Wireless Software:

  1. Ensure that the download supports your wireless adapter.
  2. Download the file to a folder on your PC.
  3. Double-click on the file to launch installation.
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