Command Line Configuration with VBS Scripts

Last Reviewed: 08-Sep-2017
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Note Command line configuration using Virtual Basic scripts is no longer supported.
VB scripts are no longer included with Intel® Network Connections software.
VB scripts were replaced with PROSetCL.exe command line utilitity.

Versions 13.3 through 14.8.3 of Intel® Network Connections software copy visual basic scripts to the \Program Files\Intel\NCS2\Scripts directory when Intel® PROSet for Windows Device Manager* is installed.

The scripts can be used to configure adapter settings, teaming, and VLANs from the command line in any version of Windows*, including installations of only the core.

If Intel® Advanced Networking Service (Intel® ANS) is not installed, only adapter scripts are copied to the directory. If Intel ANS is installed, then teaming and VLAN scripts are copied to the Scripts directory.

Descriptions of all the scripts are included in dmscript.txt in the Scripts directory.

Some scripts use a character string to identify team modes. Other scripts use a numeric identifier to designate team mode. The table below lists the relationship between the numeric and mnemonic for each team type.

Team Mode Mnemonic Identification Number
Adapter Fault Tolerance AFT 0
Adapter Load Balancing ALB 1
Static Link Aggregation SLA 2
IEEE 802.3ad Dynamic Link Aggregation 8023AD 4
Switch Fault Tolerance SFT 5

See the version of dmscript.txt installed with your software for script information. File contents will be updated when scripts are updated. Dmscript.txt file from software version 13.3 is available below.

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