Learn If Intel® Solid State Drives Need Specific Drivers

Last Reviewed: 13-Sep-2017
Article ID: 000006290

Intel® Solid State Drives (Intel® SSDs) that use a SATA interface do not require a driver. The firmware required for the SSD to operate is pre-programmed in the drive.

To use technologies such as NCQ or TRIM, use the Intel® Rapid Storage Technology Driver version 9.6 or later.

For Intel SSDs that use the PCI Express* interface, such as the Intel® SSD 750 or Intel® SSD Data Center P3700, use one of the following drivers:

  • For Windows* operating systems, use the Intel® SSD NVMe* driver for PCIe*.
  • For Linux* operating systems, use a version that has the NVMe driver backported, such as Linux kernel 3.10 and higher.

If you are using your Intel SSD in a notebook, desktop system, or with a third-party motherboard, contact the system manufacturer for more information.