Supported 2D/3D Graphics Features

Last Reviewed: 02-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000007136

You can find lists of supported graphics/video features divided into two sections:

3D graphics features
  • Full OpenGL* 1.3 ICD (Installable Client Driver)
  • Compatible with DirectX* 9.0, 8.x, and 7.x
    • Specific features of DirectX 9.0 are supported
  • 32 bit per pixel (bpp) True Color 3D support
    • Allows for high quality textures and rendering
  • 3D performance features
    • 200 MHz Core Graphics Clock
    • Support for DDR SDRAM memory improves 3D video memory performance
      • DDR SDRAM gives a large performance boost in 3D noticeable between PC1600 and PC2100 memory
      • Since the frame buffer, depth buffer, and textures all share memory bandwidth, increasing the bandwidth gives large gains in 3D performance
    • Zone Rendering Technology
      • Renders the 3D scene in pieces to reduce the required memory bandwidth for a given scene
  • 3D setup and render Engine
    • Triangles, strips, and fans
    • Pixel Accurate Fast Scissoring and Clipping operation
    • Backface culling
    • Anti-aliased lines (OpenGL only)
    • Sprite points
  • Texture Engine
    • Up to 4 Textures / Pixel on a one pass
    • Up to 2048x2048 texture size
    • Per Pixel Perspective Corrected texture mapping
    • Single Pass Texture compositing
    • 12 Level of Detail MIP map sizes from 1x1 to 2Kx2K
    • All texture formats including 32-bit RGBA and 8-bit paletted
    • Alpha and Luminance maps
    • Texture ColorKeying/ChromaKeying
    • Bilinear, Trilinear MIP-Mapped filtering
    • Anisotropic filtering
      • High quality views of oblique surfaces
    • Cubic Environment Reflection mapping
    • Embossed and Environment (DOT3) Bump-Mapping
      • Models realistic surface details
    • Compressed textures
  • Rasterization features
    • Flat & Gouraud shading
    • Color Alpha Blending for transparency
    • Vertex and Programmable Pixel Fog and Atmospheric effects
    • Color Specular lighting
    • Line and Full-Scene anti-aliasing
    • 16-bit and 24-bit Z and W buffering
      • High precision depth buffer increases overall scene quality
    • 8-bit Stencil buffering
      • Often used for shadows
    • Double and Triple Render buffer support
    • 16-bit and 32-bit color
    • Transparency / translucency (alpha blending)
      • Effects like force fields, flames, and plasma beams
    • Destination Alpha
    • Fast Clear support
2D graphics features
  • 32 bpp True Color 2D support
  • 256-bit pattern fill and BLT engine performance
  • Programmable 3-Color transparent cursor
  • Color space conversion
  • GDI * feature support
    • Anti-aliased lines
    • Alpha Blended cursor
    • Anti-aliased text
    • Alpha Stretch Blitter
    • 8-bit, 16-bit and 32-bit color
  • Video
    • Dynamic Bob and Weave support for video streams
    • SyncLock* display and TV-out encoders to video source
  • Video overlay
    • Single high quality scalable overlay
    • Multiple overlay functionality provided via Stretch Blitter
    • 5-tap horizontal, 3-tap vertical filtered scaling
    • Independent Gamma correction
    • Independent brightness/contrast/saturation
    • Independent tint/hue support
    • Destination Colorkeying
    • Source Chromakeying

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