Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising* Game Will Not Run

Last Reviewed: 15-Jun-2016
Article ID: 000007042

What is the problem?

Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising* game will not run

Error: "We were unable to find a suitable card to run the game. Please make sure that you have the latest drivers for your video card and run the Video Test again."

Error: "This video card does not support HW T&L (Hardware accelerated Transform & Lighting). Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising requires a video card that supports HW T&L, and therefore will run not run on this device"

What is the cause?

The game requires a graphics adapter with hardware T&L (Transform and Lighting) support to run. Older Intel® graphics controllers don't support hardware T&L. T&L can be done by the processor (in software) with acceptable performance in most cases, but since the game specifically checks for hardware T&L, it fails to run.

How to fix

This is expected behavior. This game requires features that aren't implemented by the integrated graphics controller hardware of the Intel® 945G Express Chipset. To determine which graphics features are implemented on a particular graphics platform, review the product datasheet.

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