How to Get ZIP Version of Intel® Graphics Driver

Last Reviewed: 01-May-2017
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Note Most users should use the self-extracting EXE version of the graphics driver. To get an EXE version, use the Intel® Driver Update Utility.

Who should download the ZIP version of the Intel® Graphics Driver?

  • System administrators
  • System integrators
  • Computer manufacturers
  • Users instructed to get the ZIP by an Intel Customer Support agent or the Intel® Support website

Before downloading the ZIP file:

Identify your Intel® Graphics Controller to find the correct download for your computer. Follow the instructions for your specific operating system.

To get the ZIP version of the Intel® Graphics Driver:
  1. Go to the Intel® Download Center.

  2. In the Download Center, select the Graphics product family.

  3. Select your graphics product line.

  4. Select your graphics product name.

  5. Click the Find button.

  6. Select your operating system.

  7. Review the list of drivers and look for the version with the Latest status. If two "Latest" driver entries are listed, select the entry with "(zip)" in the Title.

  8. Click the driver's Title.

    Note To download an older version of the driver files, repeat steps 2-7. Click the Title of the Previously Released version instead.
  9. Review the driver's Detailed Description. Make sure the driver is appropriate for your Intel® graphics.

  10. Click the Download button.

    Note If two downloads are listed, click the Download button for the file name with the ".zip" extension. Example:
  11. Review and accept the Intel Software License Agreement.

  12. Click Save.

  13. Select the folder to save a copy of the ZIP file.

  14. Click Save to begin the copy.

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