Windows® 10 Update Instructions for Intel® Compute Stick

Last Reviewed: 30-Jun-2017
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This document provides the recommended steps for updating an Intel® Compute Stick to the latest version of Windows® 10.

Note You might need extra storage space to complete the update. If you don't have enough space, you'll be asked to free up some space on your device, or attach a USB flash drive with enough space to continue.

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1. Create Windows recovery media (optional)

This step is optional but highly recommended. If you run into problems with the update process, a USB recovery drive can help you recover the Intel Compute Stick to its original working state. Follow the instructions to create a USB recovery drive.

2. Update to the latest BIOS

Follow the steps at F7 BIOS Update Instructions for Intel® Compute Stick to make sure the latest BIOS version is installed. The update might fail if an older BIOS version is installed.

3. Run Windows Update*
The update process can take 1–2 hours to complete. The computer restarts several times, and at these and other times your display will not show anything. Be patient. To prevent Windows* corruption, don't power down or reboot the system during the update process.
  1. Open Windows Update* by swiping in from the right edge of the screen (or, if you are using a mouse, pointing to the lower-right corner of the screen and moving the mouse pointer up), tapping or clicking Settings, tapping or clicking Change PC settings, and then tapping or clicking Update and recovery.
  2. Tap or click Check now, then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your PC.
  3. If updates are found, tap or click Install updates.
  4. Read and accept the license terms, then tap or click Finish if the update requires it.
4. Install Windows 10 drivers

After the update is complete, download and install the latest Windows 10 drivers for the following items, available in Intel® Download Center.

  • Intel® HD Graphics
  • Realtek Bluetooth*
  • Realtek Wireless LAN

If drivers aren't installed, errors might occur in Device Manager.

Alternate Method: Updating Windows 10 from an ISO installation image

Windows 10 installation media on a USB flash drive might be useful in the following circumstances:

  • You have multiple Intel Compute Sticks to update.
  • Your wireless connection to the Internet is slow or not reliable.
  1. Create the ISO Image
    1. Go to the Windows 10 download page.
    2. Click Download Tool Now (32-bit version) to start the download process for the MediaCreationTool.exe.
    3. Double-click MediaCreationTool.exe to launch the application.
    4. Click the Create installation media for another PC button, then click Next.
    5. Select your preferred language and Windows 10 Home edition. Architecture must remain 32-bit (x86). The Intel Compute Stick doesn't support 64-bit operating systems.
    6. Click Next to continue.
    7. Click the ISO file button and click Next.
    8. Wait for the Windows media creation to complete.
    9. Click Finish to exit the Media Creation Tool.
    10. Copy the ISO image to a USB flash drive.
  2. Update to Windows 10 using the ISO Image:
    1. With the USB flash drive connected, boot the Intel Compute Stick into Windows.
    2. Navigate to Windows image and double-click the Windows disk image.
    3. Double-click Setup.exe to start the upgrade process.
    4. Follow all prompts to complete the update process.


Problem Solution
Errors in Device Manager after updating to Windows 10 See section Install Windows 10 drivers.
The Windows 10 update asks for a product license key The Windows 10 update recognizes and uses the product key of the factory-installed version of Windows.

If you initiate a clean installation of Windows 10 (instead of an update), it will ask for a product key during the installation.

To resolve this issue:
  1. Cancel the clean installation of Windows 10.
  2. Boot into the factory-installed version of Windows.
  3. Follow the steps in this document to update.
The Windows 10 update doesn't complete Get help with Windows 10 upgrade and installation errors.
Still need help? Contact Intel Customer Support.
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