System Memory for Intel® Desktop Board DZ68PL

Last Reviewed: 27-Apr-2017
Article ID: 000008411

System memory features

The board has four DIMM sockets and supports these memory features:

  • 1.5V DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs with gold-plated contacts, with the option to raise the voltage to support higher-performance DDR3 SDRAM DIMMs
  • Support for 1.35V Low Voltage DDR3 (new JEDEC specification)
  • Two independent memory channels with interleaved mode support
  • Unbuffered, single-sided or double-sided DIMMs with the following restriction: Double-sided DIMMs with x16 organization are not supported
  • 32 GB maximum total system memory (with 4 Gb memory technology)
  • Minimum recommended total system memory: 512 MB
  • Non-ECC DIMMs
  • Serial Presence Detect
  • DDR3 1333 MHz and DDR3 1066 MHz SDRAM DIMMs

For full compliance with DDR SDRAM memory specifications, populate the board with DIMMs that support the Serial Presence Detect (SPD) data structure. Using DIMMs that support SPD allows BIOS to read the SPD data, and accurately configure memory settings for optimum performance. If non-SPD memory is installed, the BIOS tries to correctly configure the memory settings, but performance and reliability can be impacted. Also, the DIMMs might not function under the determined frequency.

1.5V is the recommended default setting for DDR3 memory voltage. The other memory voltage settings in the BIOS setup program are provided for performance tuning purposes only. Changing the memory voltage can:

  • Reduce system stability and the useful life of the system, memory, and processor
  • Cause the processor and other system components to fail
  • Cause reductions in system performance
  • Cause more heat or other damage
  • Affect system data integrity

Intel has not tested and does not warranty the operation of the processor beyond its specifications. See Processor Warranty information.

Supported memory configurations

DIMM Capacity Configuration SDRAM Density SDRAM Organization Front-side / Back-side Number of SDRAM Devices
512 MB Single sided 1 Gbit 64 M x 16 / empty 4
1 GB Single sided 1 Gbit 128 M x 8 / empty 8
1 GB Single sided 2 Gbit 128 M x 16 / empty 4
2 GB Double sided 1 Gbit 128 M x 8 / 128 M x 8 16
2 GB Single sided 2 Gbit 128 M x 16 / empty 8
4 GB Double sided 2 Gbit 256 M x 8 / 256 M x 8 16
4 GB Single sided 4 Gbit 512 M x 8 / empty 8
8 GB Double sided 4 Gbit 512 M x 8 / 512 M x 8 16

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