Onboard CD-ROM Connector Information for Intel® Desktop Boards

Last Reviewed: 15-Mar-2016
Article ID: 000007574

The ATAPI CD-ROM connector is a 1 x 4-pin connector that connects an internal ATAPI CD-ROM drive to the audio mixer. The connector typically appears as shown in the following graphic.

4-pin connector

Not all Intel® Desktop Boards include this CD-ROM connector, but instead include a digital audio solution that does not require an additional cable connection between the CD-ROM drive and the CD-ROM connector.

To enable digital audio, your CD-ROM/DVD drive must support digital audio and must be enabled for it. Check the properties of your CD-ROM/DVD drive in Device Manager (see example below).

Device Manager

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Intel® Desktop Board DQ33HS
Intel® Desktop Board D945GZCC2
Intel® Desktop Board CA810E
Intel® Desktop Board DQ963GS
Intel® Desktop Board D845PECE
Intel® Desktop Board D815EFV