Unattended Operating System Installation Issues

Last Reviewed: 28-Apr-2016
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Network adapter drivers for MS-DOS*
Intel provides network adapter DOS drivers solely for the purpose of loading operating systems–for example, when using Ghost* or Windows Deployment Services* or with unattended installations. They are not intended as high-performance drivers.

Extracting network adapter .INF files
The LAN driver download packages provided on Download Center are readable by extraction utilities such as WinZip* and WinRAR*. You can use these utilities to unzip and extract network adapter .INF files from the download package.

You can also use the following command line parameters to extract the files:
<driver package filename> /f <destination path> /s /e

For example:
PROWin7_32_v16.4.exe /f c:\temp /s /e

Ghost issues
Contact Symantec technical support for assistance with Ghost issues, such as:

  • Error: Unable to bind
  • Error: No NDIS driver

Windows Deployment Services issues
Contact Microsoft technical support for assistance with Windows Deployment Services issues.

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