Tested Memory and Hardware List for the Intel® Server Board S5520URR family

Last Reviewed: 08-Sep-2016
Article ID: 000008504

Find supported memory and hardware for the S5520URR family with the Intel® Server Configurator Tool.

Server System
Intel® Server System SR1600URR
Intel® Server System SR1600URHSR
Intel® Server System SR1625URR
Intel® Server System SR1625URSASR
Intel® Server System SR2600URBRPR
Intel® Server System SR2600URLXR
Intel® Server System SR2600URSATAR
Intel® Server System SR2625URBRPR
Intel® Server System SR2625URLXR
Intel® Server System SR2625URLXT
Intel® Server System SR2612URR

Intel only supports the Intel® Server Board S5500UR family with the memory and hardware in the Intel® Server Configurator Tool.

Note The following configurations are not validated, supported, or recommended:
  • Mixing of RDIMMs and UDIMMs
  • Mixing memory type, size, speed, and/or rank
  • Mixing memory vendors
  • Non-ECC memory

The Intel® Server Board S5520UR supports six DDR3 memory channels (three per processor socket) with two DIMMs per channel, thereby supporting up to 12 DIMMs with dual-processor sockets with a maximum memory capacity of 192 GB with 16GB DIMMs.

Memory Integration Tips:

  • The server board supports DDR3 800, DDR3 1066, and DDR3 1333 memory technologies
  • When CPU Socket 1 is empty, any DIMM memory in Channel A through Channel C is unavailable
  • When CPU Socket 2 is empty, any DIMM memory in Channel D through Channel F is unavailable
  • See the specific Intel® Server Board S5520UR system Technical Product Specification for supported memory specifications