Memory and Hardware Compatibility List for Intel® Server Board S1600JP and Intel® Server System R1000JP Families

Last Reviewed: 17-Feb-2017
Article ID: 000007952

Intel only provides support for the Intel® Server Products used with validated hardware (memory, add-in cards, and storage devices) listed in the Intel® Server Configurator Tool and in the verified by Intel CMTL Tested Memory List. The Computer Memory Test Labs* (CMTL) list is built and maintained by CMTL and contains results of testing memory for compatibility with Intel® Server Products as requested by memory manufacturers.

For compatibility lists:

  1. Navigate to the Intel® Server Configurator Tool
  2. In the "Key Information" section, click THOL Builder.
  3. Click the Select Category button, and then mark the Server System box.
  4. Select which one you prefer below under System/Chassis or put the product code below in "Filter by any field": 
Intel® Server System R1304JP4TC
Intel® Server System R1304JP4OC
Intel® Server System R1304JP4GS
Intel® Server System R1208JP4TC
Intel® Server System R1208JP4OC
Intel® Server System R1208JP4GS