Using S3200SH with Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5299DP and SC5299BRP

Last Reviewed: 04-Aug-2016
Article ID: 000007841

Chassis Modification or Restriction Notes for using the Intel® Server Board S3200/3210SH family motherboards with the Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5299DP and the SC5299BRP

The Intel® Server Board S3200/S3210SH family (S3200SHV, S3210SHLC, and the S3210SHLX) of boxed-boards may now be used with the Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5299DP and the SC5299BRP with the following modifications or restrictions:

  1. WARNING! Only authorized (properly trained) service personnel are allowed access to the internal (open) chassis area. All SERVICE PERSONNEL are strongly recommended to disconnect AC power while working with an open chassis (i.e. protective chassis cover is open). Note: While AC is connected there is potential for serious injury if user accidentally makes contact with the REAR 120mm FAN while it is rotating (ACTIVE).

  2. The shipping chassis standoff locations need to be adjusted by the system integrator to accommodate the Intel Server Board S3200/S3210SH family of boxed boards. Please refer to the Intel® Server Board S3200/3210SH Quick Start User’s Guide (IPN# E12552-002 for S3200SHV and S3210SHLC boards, and IPN# E15437-002 for S3210SHLX boards, #3A Install the Standoffs), included with the boxed version of the motherboard, for the correct 8 (eight) standoff locations for the S3210SHLX motherboard or the correct 9 (nine) standoff locations for the S3200SHV and S3210SHLC motherboard.

  3. The 12V auxiliary P4 wire from the PSU needs to be pulled back and properly routed to the corresponding 8- pin white connector on the motherboard. To facilitate easy re-routing of this wire both chassis side-covers should be removed.

  4. The black color memory duct must be removed to prevent interference with the Intel Active Heat-Sink. Note: This leaves the 120mm rear fan exposed.

  5. A standard 120mm Fan Guard must be added to the 120mm REAR FAN before AC POWER is applied to the motherboard/system. This accessory is available in newer versions of the SC5299DP (MM# 877875, TA# D46866-008) and SC5299BRP (MM# 877864, TA# D46870-008) chassis (Refer to PCN# 107727-00, published July 10, 2007). If configuration calls for using 6 (six) U320 10K/15K RPM SCSI drives in the fixed drive bay the accessory 92mm fan, AXX6FDSCSIFAN (MM#886578), is also required.

  6. ONLY Intel Server Board S3200/3210SH family supported* processors with the exception of any EXTREME EDITION processors may be used in this chassis. Extreme Edition processors have a thermal profile that is NOT considered “optimal” in the Intel Entry Server Chassis SC5299 family.

  7. An Intel Active Heat-Sink shipped with a supported* boxed Intel processor MUST be used for proper CPU cooling in the system.

  8. An updated FRUSDR package is available for both of the above referenced chassis.

  9. While using the Intel Server Chassis SC5299BRP the black “sense” wire from the BRP PSU may be left hanging (NC). Although a redundant power supply module may be added to the SC5299BRP chassis by the user there is no power supply failure detection mechanism that is supported.


* Supported Processors are listed under Intel® Server Board S3200/3210SH Qualified and Supported Intel® Processors.