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Earn 100 Points per Qualified Course from Intel® Partner University


Intel Partner University


List of training courses that qualifies to earn points

  • What courses are eligible to earn points in Intel Partner University?
  • Who is qualified to earn points for completed training courses?
  • When will the earned points be credited to my account?

Promotion: Intel® Partner University Training - Software & Service Providers (SSP)

Cap: Up to 5,000 points

Start Date: October 1, 2022

End Date: December 31, 2022

In this Promotion, the relevant date used for establishing the Points is the Eligible Partner’s completion of the qualifying activity. Intel will award Points under this Promotion within 60 days of the end of the Promotion Period, subject to Eligible Partner’s compliance with the Rules.

Capitalize on Intel’s technology training and enhance your business strategies. Earn 100 points for each training course completed.​ The more training courses your business completes, the more points you’ll gain. Earn up to 5,000 points per business, per quarter, by participating. Remember: You must be logged into your Intel® Partner Alliance account while completing the activity to qualify for this promotion. Points are awarded for taking courses only when logged in.

Qualifying ActivitiesPoints Value
Business Success with Cloud Native on Intel® Architecture100
Successful Cloud Deployments Using Intel® Optimizations100
Supporting Cloud Business Requirements with the Intel® Portfolio100
An Encryption Primer for Intel Architecture100
Security Value in Intel® Products and Solutions100
Introduction to Hybrid Cloud100
Networking as a Service in the Cloud100
Intel's Contribution to Cloud Native100
Intel in the Container Network Interface100
Intel in Node Feature Discovery100
Intel in Container Scheduling100
Intel in the Container Storage Interface100
SAP in the Cloud100
RiverMeadow Multi-Cloud Migration Solution100
Media Use Cases and Intel Ingredients100
Enterprise Challenges and Opportunities in Edge-to-Cloud100
Tata Consultancy Services TCS Equiptix MRS100
The Next- Generation Intel® Xeon® D SoC and Platform Built for the Edge100
Intel for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Part 2: VMware* vSAN100
Intel for Hyperconverged Infrastructure Part 2: Microsoft Azure* Stack HCI100
Edge-to-Cloud Security100
Edge-to-Cloud Manageability100
Partner Services Opportunities with the Intel vPro® Platform100
Intel® NUC 11 Essential for Everyday Computing (Atlas Canyon)100
Enterprise Edge (uCPE) - Flexible Multi-Cloud Solutions100

3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors in High-Performance Computing (HPC),

Flexible Performance for Real-World Applications

Why Intel AI in the Cloud?100
AI Cloud Deployment Options100
Cloud Industry 101100
Cloud Orchestration100
Virtual Machines and Containers 101100
Cloud Consumption Models100
Software-Defined Storage100
Application Architecture and Development in the Cloud100
Workload Placement100
Business Considerations Driving Enterprise Cloud Decisions100
Cloud Services Overview 101100
Virtual Private Cloud, Cloud Networking, and Cloud Security100
Data Foundations100
Cloud Migration Principles100
Databases and Data Stores100
Data Processing and Analytics100
Introduction to Software-Defined Networking100
Cloud Offerings: Compute, Storage, Database, and Networking100
Security and Risk100
Intro to IoT100
Develop and Deploy Your DaaS Solutions to Ride the Rise of the Subscription Economy100
Essential Training: Building a Profitable and Scalable DaaS Business with Intel100
Unlock the Exclusive Benefits of Device as a Service Specialty100
The Core of Gaming Performance100
A Gamer’s Secret Weapon: Intel’s High-Performance Processor Lineup100
AI Cloud Deployment Options100
Why AI now?100
What does Intel® AI do for me?100
Can You Walk Me through a Typical AI Journey?100