Get Started with Intel® NUC Products NUC13RNG and NUC13SBB


Install & Setup



Here's a checklist for you to get started using your Intel® NUC product NUC13RNG

  • Follow the User Guide to begin using your Intel NUC.
  • Find compatible system Memory Information.
  • If you want to find compatible tested peripherals (for example, drives, monitors, and hubs) or upgrade the pre-installed memory, check the Intel® Product Compatibility Tool. See the table below for a link to Intel® Product Compatibility Tool.
  • Download and install the latest BIOS version. See the table below for a link to BIOS.:
  • Install an operating system:
  • Install the latest device drivers from Download Center (see the table below)
  • Read the regulatory documentation,
  • Learn about the Limited Warranty.
  • See What's in the Box.
  • For more information see Technical Product Specification
NUC13RNGi9 Download Center BIOS Compatibility Tool
NUC13RNGi7 Download Center Compatibility Tool
NUC13RNGi5 Download Center Compatibility Tool