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Unable to Configure the File Input/Output on DevCloud Container Playground


Steps to configure the container with input/output files.

  • Configured container on DevCloud Container Playground
  • Unable to input files or output files from the container

For this example, we will use a Dockerfile from my GitHub* Repository. Replace the GitHub* Repository URL with your own Dockerfile if needed.

  1. In My Library -> Resources, click Import Resources
  2. Select Dockerfile
  3. Enter for the GIT Repo URL
  4. Enter a Resource Name
  5. Click Verify
  6. Enter Dockerfile in Dockerfile Path
  7. Click Build
  8. Click on My Library
  9. Click on actions menu and select assign
  10. Assign container to project
  11. Click submit
  12. Click Projects Tab
  13. Click Configure on the project (gear icon)
  14. Click Configure on the container
  15. Enter /opt/results for Output Mount Point
  16. Enter /intel-devcloud-samples for Filesystem Path
  17. Enter /my-mount for Input Mount Point
  18. Click save configuration
  19. Click Launch and select platform configuration

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