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What is Direct3D* (D3D)?


Brief description of what DirectX* (DX) Direct3D* (D3D) is.


What is Microsoft DirectX (DX) Direct3D (D3D) and why does it matter for gaming and multimedia?


D3D is the 3D graphics Application Programming Interface (API) within DX*. D3D is widely used in the development of video games for Microsoft* Windows and the Xbox line of consoles. D3D is also used by other software applications for visualization and graphics tasks such as Computer Assisted Design (CAD) / Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) engineering. As D3D is the most widely publicized component of DX*, it is common to see the names "DirectX" and "Direct3D" used interchangeably.

Each version of DX* has its own D3D version. For example, for DX* 9 it is D3D9 and for DX* 12 it is D3D12.

If you encounter issues such as visual errors, artifacts, flickering, or even crashes, please contact Intel Support for help. 

DX* is property of and is sustained by Microsoft*. Troubleshooting of DX* apps and games issues require Intel to promote any findings to Microsoft* Support so they can include the proper fixes in their next update of the operating system and the DX* APIs.

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