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Can I Share Intel Syndicated Content on My Website?


Intel® Partner Marketing Studio


How to download the Intel Solution Showcase app

  • Need to download the Intel Solution Showcase syndication app
  • Need to syndicate content from Flixmedia: Content Syndication For e-Commerce

Intel Solution Showcase
Intel® Partner Alliance members can add syndicated Intel Solution Showcase content to their websites to share the latest information on Intel products and technologies with their customers.

Boost your digital presence in three steps:

  1. Get your code.  Click the "Get your syndication code" button.
  2. Create your page.  Remove any old syndicated code from your site, or start with a blank HTML page containing your header and footer. Suggested URL for the page:
  3. Finish Syndication.  Paste the HTML code from Step 1 after the header block and before the footer block of your new page. 


Intel Product Page Syndication Program
Also called Flixmedia: Content Syndication For E-Commerce

The Intel Product Page Syndication Program allows retailers to syndicate rich-media Intel content on their websites and e-Commerce stores.

This benefit is restricted to qualified Retailers of Intel products. Retailers should speak with their local Account Teams to get started.