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Unable to Run “Social Distancing for Retail Settings Reference Implementation” (RI) on GPU


Workaround to run the RI on a GPU.


Failed to run the Social Distancing for Retail Settings Reference Implementation (RI) on a GPU. The RPS Dashboard shows null across all channels.

The RI was successfully run on a CPU.

NoteThe Social Distancing for Retail Settings RI does not actually support inferencing on GPU devices. The steps below are an unofficial workaround to bringing up a GPU in the Docker container and do not yield 100% success.

Edit the Docker Container and run the RI on GPU:

  1. Edit OpenVINO's dockerfile to the latest version tag:
    In Social_Distancing_for_Retail_Settings_<version>/Social_Distancing_for_Retail_Settings/retail-settings, open the Dockerfile and edit line 13 to show the latest version of OpenVINO™.
  2. Add the following line to requirements.txt:
  3. Compile the Docker Container:
    sudo -E docker-compose build
  4. Lauch the Docker Container:
    export HOST_IP=$(hostname -I | cut -d' ' -f1)
    sudo -E docker-compose up -d

It will likely take a while for the GPU device to initialize, so it is recommended to allocate at least 8GB of RAM to your machine.

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