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How Do I Join an Intel® Partner Alliance Community?


Instructions to add or remove yourself from the Cloud, IoT, or FPGA communities

  • How to join a community
  • How to remove myself from a community

The Intel® Partner Alliance program offers you the the ability to receive product, marketing, and sales information from the following communities:

  • Intel® Cloud Insider Partner
  • Intel® FPGA Partner
  • Intel® IOT Solution Partner

There is no obligation to join these groups, and you can remove yourself at any time. Communities do not impact your membership with Intel; they are for information only.

To join or remove yourself from a Community

  1. Log in to the Intel® Partner Alliance website.
  2. Click Intel Profile.
    example image
  3. Scroll to the Intel Partner Alliance section of Profile, Programs and Settings.
    example image
  4. Click Community.
  5. Select or De-select the communities you wish to join or remove.
    example image


If you have issues accessing the site, or have further questions, contact Intel Customer Support.