Article ID: 000089871 Content Type: Product Information & Documentation Last Reviewed: 03/28/2022

I Can’t Get Product from My Intel® Authorized Distributor


Information on supply availability and inventory levels

  • Distributor is out of stock of the product I need.
  • I can’t meet membership revenue requirements.
  • Will I lose my membership tier and benefits?

Global demand for semiconductors continues to accelerate, and demand for Intel products continues to be strong. This has led to an industry-wide shortage of critical third-party components.

Intel is working aggressively across our global supply chain to solve substrate and other component shortages to satisfy our customers’ surging demand, but we expect ecosystem supply challenges to remain throughout 2022.

Intel is making unprecedented investments in our manufacturing capability to shield us from future supply chain disruptions, but channel customers should continue to work with their Intel® Authorized Distributor(s) on supply availability and options.

Last year the Intel® Partner Alliance team temporarily halted all membership downgrades and are continuing to look for solutions to help partners achieve the maximum benefit in the program during this unprecedented time.