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Unable to Optimize an Imported Model for MYRIAD via OpenVINO™ Deep Learning (DL) Workbench


Steps to run DL Workbench with Vision Processing Unit (VPU) plugged-in

  1. Ran ./ -IMAGE_NAME openvino/workbench -TAG latest -ENABLE_MYRIAD -DETACHED -ASSETS_DIR /hdd-raid0/openvino_workbench command to start DL workbench.
  2. Received the following message: Optimize button is not available because the selected project has the Read-Only status
  3. Unplugged and plugged the Neural Compute Stick (NCS2) and restarted the workbench container.
  4. Removed all Assets directory data and restarted the container, but only TEMPORARILY resolved the Read-only message.
  1. Install the latest OpenVINO™ version
  2. Go to <Path_Installed_Package>/deployment_tools/tools/workbench/
  3. Ensure /hdd-raid0/openvino_workbench has read-write access:
    sudo chmod 777 /hdd-raid0/openvino_workbench
  4. Start the DL Workbench:
    sudo ./ -IMAGE_NAME openvino/workbench -TAG latest -ENABLE_MYRIAD -DETACHED -ASSETS_DIR /hdd-raid0/openvino_workbench
  5. Upload the Model and Dataset
  6. Select the local workstation as target
  7. Change the device to Myriad
Additional information

DL Workbench marks models, datasets, and projects as Read-only. Read-only means that it is not possible to run optimizations, profiling, or measurements on removed assets, while you can continue with importing new models and datasets.

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