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Popping Sound When Connecting Microphone, Headset, or Speakers to the 3.5mm Audio Jack on Intel® NUC


Intel NUC Windows 10*

Windows® 10 family


Information to resolve popping/clicking when inserting an audio jack into an Intel® NUC.


Popping or clicking sounds are produced when inserting a 3.5mm audio jack into the Intel® NUC.


Some popping may occur during initial insertion of the connector due to Electo-Static Discharge (ESD). 

For resolving non-ESD popping/clicking in Windows® 10.

  1. Update BIOS.
  2. Install latest Intel® HD Graphics driver.
  3. Install latest Realtek* High Definition Audio driver - required for the 3.5mm front panel audio jack (for microphones and headsets).

For non-ESD popping/clicking in Windows 11*.

  • Microsoft is aware of the audio popping issue with Windows 11 and will release a hotfix. No timeline is reported by Microsoft.
  • Microsoft suggests trying OS build after 22518, contact Microsoft for further support.

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