Logo Plate customization for NUC11PHKi7C


Install & Setup



The NUC11PHKi7C (Phantom Canyon) comes with a customizable RGB Backlit logo area. This area uses a technology referred to as “light guide film” to illuminate the transparent logo. It also uses a negative approach to cover the areas you don't want lit.

By default, the NUC Kit comes with 5 extra Logo plate transparencies that are made of acrylic plastic. When you remove your original Intel® Skull logo, you should be able to confirm that it is the same size as your new transparency. The Acrylic transparencies are 100mm x 100mm in XY and have a Z-height of 1mm.

To learn more about Logo plate customization refer to the below video and the Logo update guide pdf.

Logo plate customization guide for Phantom CanyonPDF icon
Size: 364 KB
Date: May 2021

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader*