Article ID: 000059158 Content Type: Troubleshooting Last Reviewed: 10/21/2022

How to Update the HDMI Port Firmware on Intel® NUCs with LS PCON


Steps to update the firmware version of the HDMI port for NUCs with LS PCON.


Unable to complete the steps to update the HDMI firmware for Intel® NUCs with LS PCON.

  1. Connect HDMI monitor to the HDMI port. (try using a connection HDMI to HDMI)
  2. Turn on the Intel® NUC.
  3. Search and download the firmware update
  4. Select the appropriate file for your Intel NUC model.
  5. Right-click the BOBcatauxISPTool.exe and select Run as administrator to launch the update.
  6. Click the Get FW version to display the current firmware version.
  7. If the firmware needs to be updated, browse to the /bin folder for the Drive and FW files:
    • Driver file:bobcat_aux-isp_driver_v21_cut2.2_aux.bin
    • FW file: MCDP2800_C21_C22_V1.
    NoteMake sure that the Program Customize Data Block is not selected.
  8. Click the start button and confirm that you want to update the firmware.
    NoteThe screen will go black for up to a minute. Do not turn off the Intel NUC, the monitor or disconnect the HDMI cable. Until the update is complete.
  9. Click ok when the update finishes.
  10. Restart the Intel NUC.