Regulatory Documentation for Intel® NUC 11 Extreme Kit NUC11BTMi7 and NUC11BTMi9


Product Information & Documentation



These certificates and declarations describe regulatory markings and safety information for Regulatory model NUC11BT.

  • Intel® NUC 11 Extreme Kit NUC11BTMi7
  • Intel® NUC 11 Extreme Kit NUC11BTMi9


Certain countries might require additional certifications that aren't listed here. For barebones (L6 or L9) products, an integrator adds components-memory and drives and an operating system. Intel doesn't provide extra country-specific certifications for barebones products. Integrators in those regions must provide required certifications.

Some regulatory certificate testing can only be done on Intel NUC Mini PCs (L10 products - those fully integrated with memory, drive, and operating system). These include:

  • ENERGY STAR (U.S.) or other energy efficiency certifications
  • CCC (China)

Barebones products won't have these certificates available. The integrators who configure systems using barebone products are responsible for these certifications. See Regulatory Information for Intel NUC for information on test houses.

Wireless components, Material Declaration Data Sheet, and accesories certificates
Wireless components Material Declaration Data Sheet Accesories
Wi-Fi adapter Certificates


For certificates on accesories such as power adapters, power cords and batteries, please contact

Country specific product certificates and declarations
Region Product Regulatory Document
All regions NUC11BT

IEC 62638 CertificatePDF icon
Size:  570 KB
Date: October 2021

IEC 60950 CertificatePDF icon
Size:  334 KB
Date: October 2021

Australia and New Zealand NUC11BT

CISPR32 Certificate PDF icon
Size: 105 KB
Date: September 2021

Customs Union (Russia, Belarus, Kazhakstan) NUC11BT

EAC Certificate

EAC RoHS Certificate

European Union NUC11BT

CE EMC EN55032 EN55024 EN55035 Certificate PDF icon
Size:  122 KB
Date: September 2021

CE EMC EN301 489-1 EN301 489-17 Certificate PDF icon
Size:  143 KB
Date: September 2021

IEC 62311 62479 Certificate PDF icon
Size: 111 KB
Date: September 2021

ETSI 300328 Certificate PDF icon
Size:  99 KB
Date: September 2021

ETSI 300440 Certificate PDF icon
Size:  100 KB
Date: September 2021

ETSI 301893 Certificate PDF icon
Size:  99 KB
Date: September 2021

Indonesia NUC11BT

Astrindo SDPPI Certificate PDF icon
Size: 662 KB
Date: October 2021

Synnex SDPPI Certificate PDF icon
Size: 658 KB
Date: October 2021

WPG SDPPI Certificate PDF icon
Size: 662 KB
Date: October 2021

Japan NUC11BT VCCI Certificate of Acceptance PDF icon
Size: 108 KB
Date: September 2021
Malaysia NUC11BT

Achieva SIRIM Certificate of Conformity PDF icon
Size: 175 KB
Date: October 2021

Ingram SIRIM Certificate of Conformity PDF icon
Size: 174 KB
Date: October 2021

WPG SIRIM Certificate of Conformity PDF icon
Size: 175 KB
Date: October 2021

Mexico NUC11BT NOM Safety Certificate PDF icon
Size: 117 KB
Date: October 2021
South Korea NUC11BT KCC MSIP EMC Certificate  PDF icon
Size: 173 KB
Date: September 2021
Taiwan NUC11BT

BSMI RoHS Certificate PDF icon
Size: 136 KB
Date: September 2021

BSMI Certificate PDF icon
Size: 286 KB
Date: October 2021

USA and Canada NUC11BT

FCC-ISED Certificate of Conformity PDF icon
Size: 108 KB
Date: July 2021

FCC-ISED-ICES Certificate of Conformity PDF icon
Size: 112 KB
Date: September 2021


Other Certificates
MSDS certificate for the CMOS Battery PDF icon
Size: 679 KB
Date: March 2021


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