Article ID: 000058878 Content Type: Compatibility Last Reviewed: 03/30/2022

How to Determine the Compatible Memory and Hardware for a Server Board?


Steps to validate the compatibility of the memory modules and hardware using the server configurator tool


Unable to find the list of compatible memory modules and hardware for a server board on the Intel website.

  1. Visit the server configurator tool website to start the configuration.
  2. Click THOL Builder under Start a New Configuration.
  3. Choose the appropriate server family based on the server board. Click Go.
  4. On the Intel Tested Hardware and Operating System List (THOL) Page, click the drop down box, under Select Board/Compute Module to choose the server board.
  5. On the Compatible Options page, click the drop down box under Select Category.
  6. Choose the appropriate category.
  7. The table will show all the validated list of compatible memory modules for the chosen server board.
  8. To save the generated results, click Export Results on the upper left of the first page.
  9. A message would pop up "Your document is ready! Click to open document in a new window". Click the hyper link Click to open document in a new window  to automatically download and save the list on an excel file.