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Does Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter 800 Series Support Third Party Transceivers?


Covers if third party transceivers can work with Intel® Ethernet Network Adapters E810 Series of cards.


Looking for Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter E810 series documentation similar to Intel® Ethernet Network Adapter X710 and wanted to confirm if the transceivers from third party are explicitly prevented from working on E810.

For Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X710 information, refer to Support Home Network and I/O Ethernet Products Compatible SFP+ Modules, SFP Modules, and Cables for Intel® Ethernet Server Adapter X710 Series.


The Intel Ethernet Network Adapter E810 Series of cards are Open Optic, which means that it is not restricted to only Intel branded cables and optics. Third party modules can be used on the Intel Ethernet Network Adapter E810 Series, but it will be based on their own validation. In case there are issues encountered during usage, Intel may have difficulties with support as it is a third party product and unvalidated on the card. The best source of support would be the manufacturer of the modules.

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