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How to Update an Intel® Smart Edge Node to a new Software Version




Steps to update an Intel® Smart Edge Node


A software or firmware update for Intel® Smart Edge Server node is required.


You may want to perform a software update to receive the latest features or to receive bug fixes for for your Edge Node.

The preferred method to upgrade an Edge Node is from the Controller. Smart Edge hosts a software package repository called PKG, which is where we securely check and download trusted packages.

In addition to the software packages, Smart Edge maintains a compatibility matrix in PKG that performs two functions:

  • Checks that the Controller and Edge Node are compatible for the proposed update.
  • Provides a verified update path from the Edge Node’s current version to the next version.

These are the steps to update from the Controller:

  1. Check the Controller to see if there is a software update available for the Edge Node in question.
    • The Controller automatically checks for updates periodically for the Edge Nodes you manage. If an update is available, an Update button will appear, allowing you to schedule an update:example image
  2. If the Update button example icon appears, selecting it presents you with a date and time calendar.
    • Using this calendar, you can schedule an update for the Edge Node. If you want to reschedule the update, you can do so as well:
      example image

To check that an update has completed:

  1. After the update is completed, the Edge Node will come back online.
  2. The Update button will disappear, indicating that you are up to date.
  3. If the Update button still appears, it means that there are additional updates remaining.
  4. You should repeat the update process in this case until the Edge Node is up to date.
  5. You will know the Edge Node is up to date when there are no more prompts to update the Edge Node.
Additional information

Information about software update versions can be found in the Release Notes. Additionally, compatibility information is available as well. The Controller automatically checks for update compatibility prior to presenting you with an option to update the Edge Node. In general, our updates will always try to take you from your current version to the latest version of the Edge Node software.

However, if your software is too out of date, it may require you to update your Edge Node in multiple steps. The Controller will automatically facilitate these update steps for you by continuing to present you with software updates until you are on the latest version.