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Error When Applying the Topology Using the Smart Edge UI Controller


YAMLTopologySmart Edge UI controller


How to resolve YAML file configuration errors that may occur after applying a topology to the UI controller.


This issue occurred when an attempt was made to delete an app from the topology.

  1. Open the YAML configuration by clicking on the import/export button on the topology page
  2. Copy and save the file
  3. Inspect the file for possible causes for the error:
    • All apps deployed start with app that contains all the app information
    • All connections start with kni-
    • This shows the virtual link for the connectivity and the binding to the app. If either of these are missing or corrupt, the apply will fail.
  4. Delete the incorrect the portion of the YAML file.
  5. Reset the topology by clicking on the apply/reset button on the topology page.
  6. After the reset is complete, open the YAML configuration and replace the default configuration with the edited one.
  7. Apply the YAML.
Additional information

When a topology change gets made, the change has to be applied in the UI controller. The information for the topology change is in the YAML file which can be examined from the controller. If this file gets corrupted, the apply will fail.