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Recommendations for customers

It can take at least seven weeks to obtain regulatory certification. Most certifications take longer, and some will take as long as six months from the time samples are provided to test houses until certificate approval.

Customers who require regulatory certification should start the process as soon as samples are available.

Regulatory categories
Category Details
EMC Testing to ensure the device doesn't emit electromagnetic interference
Energy ENERGY STAR®, ErP, and CEC
Power adapter For power adapters included with Intel NUC products
Radio (RF) For products with wireless modules included
Safety UL and other certifications
Test houses

The following list of regulatory test houses is compiled from an Internet search and is provided to you as a courtesy. The vendors listed don't reflect a recommendation or endorsement by Intel. The list is provided to you as-is without warranty.

The list isn't exhaustive and there may be other vendors that better suit your needs. Since the vendors have not been vetted by Intel, you will need to determine which is suitable for your specific regulatory needs.

Company name Location Testing services provided
Element EMC Lab / NW EMC List of locations EMC, RF
Intertek / ETL List of locations EMC, Energy, RF, Safety
NEMKO List of locations Safety
TUV Rheinland List of locations EMC
UL List of locations EMC
Trade compliance information

For details on the following trade compliance information, find your Intel NUC on the Intel Product Specifications site. Then, select Ordering and Compliance.

  • ECCN - Export Control Classification Numbers
  • CCATS - Commodity Classification Automated Tracking System
  • HTS - Harmonized Tariff Schedule
Regulatory certificates and declarations for Intel NUC

Click the Intel® NUC Element product name to see the regulatory certificates, declarations, and safety information.

Intel® NUC Element

Processor Type Intel® NUC
Intel® NUC P14E Laptop Element CMCN1CC