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Intel® VROC Integrated Caching is a feature of the Intel® VROC RAID set that allows Intel® Optane SSDs to be used in a caching layer for backend RAID volumes. The combination of RAID + Caching is designed to provide data protection and performance within one storage architecture. The caching driver is provided for supported Linux* OSs by supporting platform providers in combination with the Intel® VROC product. This is a new feature from Intel® VROC. Server availability will begin more broadly in 2021.

Integrated Caching has flexible caching policies to allow storage acceleration for a variety of workloads. Users are free to tune the cache to find solutions for their specific workload. However, sub-optimal settings can lead to performance degradation in some cases, so proceed with caution.

Intel has documented the configuration steps for the below workloads to implement solutions that are pre-validated for performance improvements by Intel. For additional support in tuning your cache for a different workload,contact an Intel representative or your platform OEM/ODM.

Intel VROC Integrated Caching is based on the Open CAS project. View details and extended documentation on this caching driver.


The Intel® Virtual RAID On CPU (VROC) Integrated Caching User information and solutions guides are provided below.

Release notes

Release Notes and Quick Start Guide (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 574KB
Date: November 2020

Solution guides

MongoDB Performance Evaluation Guide (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 400KB
Date: November 2020

MySQL Performance Evaluation Guide (PDF) PDF icon
Size: 468KB
Date: November 2020

Note: PDF files require Adobe Acrobat Reader*

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