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Unable to Run OpenVINO™ Toolkit Sample Demos on Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 (Intel® NCS2) Using VirtualBox


VirtualBox 6.1Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTSIntel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit 2021.1.110 with NCS2


Quick steps to add USB filters to VirtualBox Manager to allow inferencing to run on the Intel® NCS2 in a virtual machine.


Encountered error when running squeezenet and security barrier demos.

  1. Executed ./
  2. In VirtualBox USB settings, added a new USB device filter with VID = 03e7 and PID=f63b in addition to VID= 03e7 and PID=2485
  3. In VirtualBox Machine Settings, changed USB controller from 2.0 to 3.0 for all USB filters
  4. Ran demos by adding sudo -E in front of ./ -d MYRIAD and ./security_barrier_camera_demo -d MYRIAD
  5. Received Error: [ ERROR ] Can not init Myriad device: NC_ERROR

Refer to Installation and Configuration with a Virtual Machine.

Follow these steps to add the necessary USB filters to VirtualBox Manager:

  • Shut down the virtual machine.
  • With the virtual machine selected on the VirtualBox Manager:
    • Open Settings -> USB (remove all usb from host)
    • Check Enable USB Controller
    • Check USB 3.0 (xHCI) Controller
    • Add a new USB filter with Vendor ID: 03e7
      • The other filter fields can be blank.
    • Add a new USB filter with Vendor ID: 040e
      • The other filter fields can be blank.

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