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Error While Trying to Run the Intel® SSD Optimizer


Workaround for the error encountered with different Intel® tools during the optimization.


A message such as those below is encountered when trying to run the Intel® SSD Optimizer feature in Intel® SSD Tools.


Error: The Intel® SSD Optimizer encountered an error.

Error: The Intel SSD Optimizer encountered an error (10/106). Reboot and try again.


This feature is not available with all products. Alternative steps are shown below.



The Intel® SSD Optimizer runs the Windows* TRIM command on supported SSDs. This functionality can also be run through Windows directly using the following steps (The example below is for Windows® 10):

  1. Open the Start Menu.
  2. Type Optimize to search for the application.

    Type optimize to search for the application

  3. Click Defragment and Optimize Drives, Open or Run as Administrator to launch the application.
  4. Click the drive to be optimized to select it.

    Click on the drive to be optimized to select it

  5. Click Optimize to initiate the process (administrator privileges required).
NoteWindows 10 will take care of this optimization automatically depending on the default schedule, which can be changed after clicking on Change settings.


Alternatively, download the latest version of Intel® Memory and Storage Tool (GUI) to use the Optimizer feature.

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