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Does My Processor Support Intel® Adaptive Sync?


Information on system requirements for Intel® Adaptive Sync.


Will Intel Adaptive Sync be implemented on older generations of integrated Graphics Processing Units (iGPUs)?


Intel® Adaptive Sync is available only on 10th Generation Intel® Processors or newer with UHD Graphics and Iris Plus Graphics.

System requirements:

  • 10th Generation Intel® Processor or newer
  • DXGI 1.5
  • Use the DirectX 11 or 12 API
  • A monitor that supports VESA* Adaptive Sync
  • Adaptive Sync enabled in the Intel® Graphics Control Panel (Intel® GCP) or Intel® Graphics Command Center (Intel® GCC)
  • A DisplayPort* cable must be used (HDMI* is not currently being supported)
NoteHD Graphics 620, Iris Plus Graphics 655 and similar are 9th generation Intel® Processor Graphics and do not support Intel® Adaptive Sync.
Additional Information:

Refer to this article to identify your graphics controller.

If the system requirements are met, see How to Enable Global Settings in the Intel® Graphics Command Center for the steps to enable the setting.

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