Features added to the Intel® NUC Laptop Kits - LAPQC71A, LAPQC71B, LAPQC71C & LAPQC71D


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Below are some of the features that have been added into the Intel® NUC Laptop Kits - LAPQC71A, LAPQC71B, LAPQC71C & LAPQC71D, with BIOS 0114 and later.

All the features below can be controlled with both the BIOS and within Windows with the Control Center application



Feature Information Why use this feature? How to enable Feature
Minimum Fan Duty Cycle

This allows you to change the Minimum Fan Duty Cycle to 25%. 30% is the default setting.

You can also disable passive cooling mode.

Changing the Minimum Fan Duty Cycle to a lower value (25% vs 30%) allows the fans to run at a lower speed (quieter) during idle or low activity situations.

Disabling passive cooling mode allows the fans to stay on as the system reaches lower temperatures to avoid drastic fan speed ramping.


Enter BIOS > Advanced > Fan > Minimum Fan Duty Cycle


Control Center > Power Settings > Disable Passive Cooling Mode


This allows you to change a number of power options. Included are: Core Voltage Offset, GT Voltage Offset, GTU Voltage Offset, to enable/disable Intel® Speed Shift Technology, and gives you the option to change the Power Mode from the BIOS.

The maximum Voltage Offset is -150mV (millivolts). The default is -50mV. When reducing the mV, If you experience blue screen issues, increase the voltage in 10mV steps until you have stability. Generally around -80mV is considered a "sweet spot" that allows undervoltage while maintaining system stability.

Undervolting lowers the voltage to the processor, which reduces the power draw and keeps it cooler. This allows the device to operate faster, for longer, while generating less heat. This is widely used as a cooling solution.

Enter BIOS > Advanced > Undervolting > Core Voltage Offset / GT Voltage Offset / GTU Voltage Offset

Battery Life Extension

This allows you to select one of five presets; 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% and 100%. Default is 100%.

An example: if you select 80%, the battery will only charge until it is 80% full.

If this preference is changed in Control Center, it becomes active immediately without having to restart.

Sets the maximum charge level for the battery, which could extend the life of the battery.

Enter BIOS > Power > Battery Charge Toplimit


Control Center > Power Settings > Battery Charging Limit

Fn Lock+Esc

If Fn Lock+Esc is enabled, the Fn keys work as standard function keys. If Fn Lock+Esc is disabled, the alternative functions become active.

This feature can be enabled within Windows by selecting the Fn + ESC keys together.

Note: Fn Lock does not operate during boot, so there is no need to hold down the FN key when pressing any F keys during boot.

To select whether you want the function keys or the alternate function to be active. Enter BIOS > Power > Enable Fn Lock+Esc
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