Intel® AptioV Integrator Tools for Intel® NUC products.


Product Information & Documentation



Intel® AptioV Integrator Tools are designed to assist integrators (who usually work in manufacturing or enterprise environments) with the process of BIOS/SMBIOS customization, OEM Windows* product key injection (OEM Activation 3.0, OA3), changing the Logo, etc. for Intel® NUC AptioV based products.

Not sure which tool to use? Refer to the descriptions below:

iFlashV - The iFlashV application operates in command line mode for OEM key activation/ editing, BIOS update, etc.

iDMIEdit - iDMIEdit stands for Desktop Management Interface Edit. It allows you to modify strings associated with SMBIOS tables. This utility works with Aptio firmware with SMBIOS support.

iCHLogo - The Intel iCHLogo application allows you to replace the logo inside the Aptio Firmware file or Capsule file with a new one.

iSetupCfg - Intel® iSetupCfg is a command line tool that provides you an easy way to update NVRAM variables from within the EFI, Linux*, or Windows*-based environment.

When using iSetupCfg on the target system, it creates a script file that lists all setup questions, which can be modified and used as an input to change the current NVRAM setup variables.

Some tool features:

  • Variables can be extracted directly from the BIOS
  • Settings can be changed by using either a text editor or a setup program
  • You can use the target system or a different system to enact the changes. 

How to use these utilities: See the User Guides in each folder.

Note Intel® AptioV Integrator Tools are only supported by the AptioV based products. If your Intel® NUC is not included in the Product list below, use the Intel® Integrator Toolkit or Intel® VCUST instead.