Why Does the Intel® Data Center Drive Show Two Partitions of 3.2TB?


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The x8 drive was designed with two drives and two controllers inside. Each controller manages a half section of the SSD; so it  shows two separate drives that can be configured as RAID 0 to reach the whole capacity.

Other models described below that are x4 come as one full drive of 6.4TB, meaning that it comes as one full drive using one controller:

  • Intel® SSD DC P4610 Series (6.4TB, 2.5in PCIe* 3.1 x4, 3D2, TLC)
  • Intel® SSD DC P4600 Series (6.4TB, 2.5in PCIe 3.1 x4, 3D1, TLC)

These drives will be recognized as two separate SSD storage units of 3.2TB each:

  • Intel® SSD DC P4608 Series (6.4TB, 1/2 Height PCIe 3.1 x8, 3D1, TLC)
  • Intel® SSD DC P4618 Series (6.4TB, 1/2 Height PCIe 3.1 x8, 3D2, TLC)
Note Theoretically, RAID configurations are possible between both portions of a P4608/P4618, meaning that RAID-0 can be used to combine them and use full capacity. RAID-1 can be used for fault tolerance (but will not protect in case of complete drive failure),. This also applies to RAID configurations involving other drives, such as a RAID-10 configuration between two P4608/P4618.