Windows* Installation for Intel® NUC Element


Install & Setup



Prepare to install

  1. Recommended: Update the BIOS to the latest version, as important fixes and security updates are often included.
  2. Make sure there are enough USB ports available for your keyboard, mouse, and installation media. You may need to connect a USB hub to the dock device.
  3. Using another computer connected to the Internet, download the latest wireless network driver for your Intel® NUC Element. Save it to a USB portable device. You need to install this driver after installing Windows*.
  4. Get your Windows image ready (purchased separately), on either a USB portable device or on CD/DVD media.

Install Windows

  1. Plug in the device containing the Windows installation image.
  2. Power on the Intel NUC Element.
  3. At the prompt during boot, press F10 to open the boot menu. Select the installation drive.
  4. Windows Setup starts. Follow all setup instructions.

After installation is complete

  1. After Windows Setup is complete, install the wireless network driver you downloaded in Step 3.
  2. Connect to the Internet.
  3. Install Windows updates (optional).
  4. Download and install the rest of the Intel NUC Element drivers from Download Center.
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