Privacy FAQ for Intel Unite® Cloud Service


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Who is able to view content that I share?
People in the room with the shared display and any other people connected to the session. An IT Administrator with third-party plug-ins can also share content. Contact your IT Administrator for further information.

How is the content protected that is shared via the Intel Unite® solution?
The content is encrypted using web standard encryption protocols. No content is stored on the Intel Unite® solution platform.


Why does Intel ask for an email address?
Intel may use your email address to register your system so that you can join a session. Your IT administrator may also use your email address to help manage your account.


What information about Intel Unite® solution usage is sent to Intel?
Intel may collect usage information that doesn't identify you for product improvements and analytics. Your IT administrator may collect usage information that may identify you in order to resolve any technical issues and understand how the Intel Unite® solution is being used in your organization.

How long does Intel keep the telemetry data?
The data collected by Intel that doesn't identify you may be retained indefinitely. The data collected by your IT administrator may be retained for a different time period. Check with your IT administrator for more information.

What measures does Intel take to protect the telemetry data?
The telemetry data collected by Intel is secured using industry standard security practices. Check with your IT administrator on your organization’s security practices.