Errors with Intel® Data Center SSD S4510 and S4610 Series

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What are you seeing?

The drive is showing a screen error: "Critical State" or other issues in SMART attributes.


Intel® SSD D3-S4510 and S4610 Series with previous firmware revisions (XCV10100, XCV10110).

How to fix it:

Intel® SSD D3-S4510 and S4610 Series experienced channel hang with previous firmware revisions. M.2 form factors on older firmware may also report intermittent drive drop during initial boot.

All issues have been resolved in the latest firmware revision. Please note latest firmware version for this SSD Series. We always recommend SSDs to be on latest firmware.

For simple examples to update the firmware (and also extract SMART attributes and other information from Intel® Data Center SSDs), please refer to Intel® Data Center SSDs: Windows* and Linux* Examples to Update SSD Firmware and Obtain Logs, SMART Attributes.

For any further question you can Contact Intel Support.

Cause & More Information:

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