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Can I remove the cameras from Intel® RealSense™ D430 module and connect them with cables?


Intel® RealSense™ D400 Series


This article describes why it is not recommended to make any changes on Intel® RealSense™ Depth Modules


I have a project where I need stereo-imaging. The Intel® RealSense™ D430 seems to be perfect for this, but unfortunately this device is too wide. Is there a possibility to rip out the two cameras from the depth module and connect them with a cable to this board again.

Also, if I want to get a larger filed of view, is it possible to put a lens in the camera and get it? How would it affect different visions of the RGB and the infrared?


We recommend using the RealSense products as they have been sold.

One reason is that the Depth Module D430 requires the Vision Processor D4 Board to work, alongside with a USB Type-C cable and an Interposer. Any change made on any of the components mentioned will have an impact on the outcome. 

See the relationship between the Depth Module and the Vision Processor in the datasheet, at page number 45, Figure 3-11. Depth Module Connector Orientation and Pin Position.

We do not recommend modifying the camera or it's sensors in any way. Intel does not support this and to do so is at owner's risk and may make the camera inoperable.