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Intel® NUC Showing Distorted Patterns/Colors on the Screen and Keyboard and Mouse Are Unresponsive


Troubleshooting steps to resolve unresponsive system with distorted screen

  • Screen showing distorted patterns/colors
  • The display random ASCII characters
  • System does not respond to any keypresses or mouse movements or clicks
  1. Clear CMOS
    1. Disconnect any attached devices.
    2. Disconnect the computer from the power source.
    3. Remove the computer cover.
    4. Find and remove onboard configuration jumper (note which pins the jumper is on)
    5. Plug in the computer to a power source and power on the computer.
      • The computer displays the Config Menu.
    6. Select Reset to factory configuration
    7. Power off the computer and disconnect it from the power source.
    8. Replace the configuration jumper back to its original position.
    9. Replace the cover.
    10. Plug in the computer to the power source and power on the computer.
  2. Test the RAM or try another RAM stick
    1. Remove one RAM stick at a time to see if the issue persists.
  3. Try another SSD
  4. Reinstall operating system

If the issue persists, contact Intel® Customer Support

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