Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) RAID Scaling


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Intel® Virtual RAID on CPU (Intel® VROC) is the primary solution for NVMe* RAID. One key metric used to assess RAID solutions is the ability of that solution to scale performance. Scaling is measured by how much incremental performance is achieved as more storage devices are added to a RAID array.

Intel® VROC scales performance with NVMe SSDs in RAID0 and RAID5 configurations. How many drives are used, how they're connected, and the workload used can impact scaling results. This guide shows actual Intel® VROC scaling data and lists some tips to optimize storage performance for scaling.

This material is meant to show that Intel® VROC scales performance with NVMe* SSDs. It presents some sample performance results and explains what system characteristics may limit scaling results.

The goal is to use actual data to demonstrate the advantages gained by NVMe SSDs with Intel® VROC. It's important to note that specific configuration details will impact performance. This document uses a broadly accepted workload for generalized results, and may not exactly demonstrate the results of a specific use case. Instead, this document should be used as a guide to run similar tests and get applicable details for a specific installation.

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Date: February 2019

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