Resolving Black Screen Issue with Intel Unite® app Version 3.x and Windows® 10 RS4 with 7th or 8th Generation Intel® Core™ Processors





What am I seeing?

Intel Unite® app version 3.x client systems that are based on 7th or 8th generation Intel® Core™ Processors and running Windows® 10 RS4 may boot into a black screen

Why am I seeing it?

This condition happens when:

  • The Intel Unite extended display driver is installed.
  • Certain versions of the system graphics driver are in use.

How to fix it

Install the updated extended display driver.

For resolving the black screen issue on an impacted client system:

  • Boot the system in safe mode, remove the existing Intel Unite extended display driver, and then install the driver version linked above.
  • Roll back the system display driver to version