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I get the "Invalid Value in rs2_get_option_range" error message when I run the Intel® RealSense Viewer


Intel RealSense D400 Series/T265 tracking camera Intel RealSense SDK (Software Developer's Kit) 2.0


Troubleshooting steps for addressing this error on the Intel® RealSense™ Depth Camera D400 series


When I run Intel RealSense Viewer I get following error message:
Invalid Value in rs2_get_option_range(options:0x1e416b0, option:Stereo Baseline, min:0.0001, max:0.01, step:1e-06, def:0.001): OpCodes do not match! Sent 21 but received -6!

When I try to use Intel.Realsense.DynamicCalibrator (v2.5.2.0) to do calibration it shows following error:
Error: calibration tables on device are not supported. Please try again with latest Dynamic Calibrator software. If you are already using latest software, please re-calibrate the device with latest OEM or Technician Calibration tools and try again.


This error appears because the calibration table have been corrupted.

Step 1:

  1. Download and install the Calibration Tool (CalibrationTools-2.x.x.x-setup.exe).
  2. Run Intel.Realsense.CustomRW.exe -g to recover the calibration table
  3. Check if the recovery worked by calibrating the camera again.

If Step 1 is not successful, please follow step 2: 

Step 2. 

Update the firmware to the latest version and if the error comes again, follow Step 1

If these workarounds don't work you may have a faulty camera that needs to be replaced. In order to get a replacement for your unit, please reach out to the place of purchase.