Where to find Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS) Intel® Products


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Material Declaration Data Sheet (MDDS) can be found on the Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS) site.

Follow the steps below to get your product-related MDDS document.

  1. Visit Intel® Quality Document Management System (QDMS).
  2. Click MDDS Database.

    Click on MDDS Database

  3. Search MDDS database by using Intel Material Master number (MM#) or the Intel Product Code to locate the document on QDMS website.
  4. Select MM Number or Product code in drop-down menu and enter the information in free text field.
    1. Using MM#: Find relevant document number and hyperlink in results area as shown in the image below.

      Using MM Number

    2. Using Product code: Find relevant document number and hyper link in Results area as shown in the image below.

      Using Product code


  • All MDDS documents are in IEC 62474 format.
  • Intel doesn't provide MDDS documentation for pre-release products and engineering samples. Additionally, Intel doesn't support products in “retired” status, as these parts aren't active, no longer manufactured, or available for purchase.

MDDS for Altera® products:
Intel Programmable Solutions Group (PSG, formerly Altera) has made all data related to Material Declaration available on the MDDS website for self-help.

In order to get access to Altera product MDDS document, please register.

For additional help with Altera product MDDS documents, please raise a Service Request through mySupport.

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