Mouse and Keyboard Don't Work in BIOS Setup for Intel® NUC





What are you seeing?

Your mouse and keyboard don't work after accessing system BIOS. The computer locks up.

Why are you seeing it?

This problem can happen after updating to a BIOS version where the Legacy Boot feature has been removed. Legacy Boot is no longer supported on the following Intel® NUC Kits:

  • NUC8i7HNK
  • NUC8i7HVK

The Legacy and Legacy Boot Priority panes were removed from BIOS.
Boot Order & Boot Priority
If Legacy Boot was set in the earlier BIOS, the computer can lock up if you move the mouse while in BIOS Setup.

How to fix it

Update the system BIOS to the latest version:

After updating the BIOS, follow these steps. Use only the keyboard. Don't move the mouse.

  1. Press F2 during boot to enter BIOS Setup.
  2. Press F9 to restore factory defaults
  3. Press F10 to save and exit BIOS.