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Type of Wi-Fi Antenna Connectors Required for Intel® Wireless Cards


Details on M.2 form factor Intel® Wireless Adapters and connecting to the internal wi-fi antenna.


I would like to know the type of connector used to connect the Intel® wireless card to Wi-Fi antennas.

Wireless antennas are generally provided by each original equipment manufacturer (OEM), as they will need to fit each computer and may subject to country-specific regulatory requirements.

Replacing wireless antennas can be considered a wireless integration on it's own. Intel® does not support wireless integrations. We recommend you speak to the manufacturer of your equipment for support on wireless integrations and replacement parts to ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of your country.


The M.2 form factor Intel® Wireless Adapters use the standard 2x2 mm size RF micro coaxial receptacle (connector) with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm as defined in the PCI-E* M.2 Specification. Specific plugs should be selected to suit the assembly allowable mating height and cable diameter. Refer to the PCI-E M.2 Specification for the minimum requirements of the compatible RF connectors and mating plugs.

Receptacle Physical Outline2 mm x 2 mm x 0.60 mm
Receptacle Outer Diameter1.5 mm

Good keywords to search for these parts online are M.2 wireless antenna or NGFF antenna.

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