Safety Recall Notice for all Basis Peak™ Watches


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Voluntary recall and refund program ended on December 1, 2018, for all Basis products

Intel voluntarily recalled the Basis Peak™ Device on August 1, 2016, and shut down the application services on all Basis devices on December 31, 2016. As part of the voluntary recall effort, Intel offered refunds for all authentic Peak™, B1 devices, and accessories that were purchased from Basis directly or an authorized retailer such as Best Buy, Target, or Walmart.


As of December 1, 2018, Intel has ended its voluntary recall and refund program for all Basis products, and no new refund requests will be fulfilled.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Why was the Basis Peak™ watch voluntarily recalled?

Prior to the December 31, 2016, shut down of all application services for Basis devices, the Basis Peak™ watch could overheat, resulting in burns or blisters on the skin surface.

Was the recall mandated by a regulatory agency?

No, Intel voluntarily recalled the Basis Peak™ watches.

Was anyone injured?

A small number of customers reported discomfort, blistering, or burns on their wrist under the watch body. At the time of our initial announcement in 2016, the known reported cases involved approximately 0.2% of the watches sold.

Can I continue to use my Basis Peak watch?

No. Basis devices haven't been functional since December 31, 2016, when all application services were shut down.